Problems with the website

If you are a regular visitor you might have noticed an issue with accessing this blog. The web host I had been using was moving to a new server provider. Well needless to say I had to move to a different one instead.

They sent an e-mail telling me I had 48 hours to back up my data before the move. So I started doing just that. Unfortunately everytime I got to a certain point I would lose connection and have to wait an hour or more to pick back up. Probably a throttle to prevent hacking or DDoS attacks. I only got half way through the back up when I lost connection for good it seems. Even the host’s main website has not been reachable for more than a day now.

This isn’t the first time my website has been down. About once a month it has gone down for a day or two. Since it was a free host I can’t really name them or complain. I finally was able to work out my budget to go to a paid host so I know it will be up more than 90% of the time.

I am still checking systems to make sure everything is working right so please forgive any errors you might get for a short while.

What Happened?

Well the old saying to back up back up back came true for me. Due to an unforeseen situation I had to change web hosts this past week. While I had backed up my blog entries on a regular basis I found I forgot to back up my other files enough.

I am still trying to recover what I can from various off computer files I might have in storage so the blog will look funny for awhile. There will be missing images and text files.


It seems one Columbus TV station takes the day off on weekends

I guess I am too caught up in the 24 hour news cycle where I expect either breaking news or at least new stories to show up on my local TV station websites on the day the news breaks. It seems that the WBNS 10TV website takes the weekend off unless the news is significant.

On Saturday some ticket holders for an event at the Palace Theater showed up hours after the event had happened. The time had been changed but some people didn’t hear about it. The story was on 10TV’s 11 PM newscast but still wasn’t posted on their website at that time. The story was on the website for Channel 4 the NBC station.

The only story posted on the website from Saturday was a robbery suspect who was shot in South Columbus in the morning and they had the scores from the Indians and Reds games that afternoon.

10TV sister company, The Columbus Dispatch had 3 more Saturday story links on its front page.

The problem is that on Saturday and Sunday, there are times when the evening newscasts aren’t seen due to sports or other programing. Basically I wouldn’t know any local updates until 11 PM or later if network programing runs over.