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The Corrs Live:
8/21/2004 Cleveland Ohio in Pictures

I got to experience the ultimate high for a music fan. I got to see The Corrs live on their Borrowed Heaven tour in Cleveland Ohio on August 21, 2004. Here are some pictures I took at the show. As will be quickly apparent, I am not a professional photographer and I also had a new digital camera.

image of Sophie B. Hawkins at Cleveland show 2004

Sophie B. Hawkins, the opening act, starts the evening off. She was like a blast from the past.

image shot from my seats at Tower City Amphitheater

This shot was made without a zoom lens. See how close I was. I was speechless.

image of Andrea emoting

Andrea has us in the palm of her hand all evening

image of Some good vibrations from Sharon

Some good vibrations from Sharon

image of Jim looking cool

Jim looking cool

image of Anthony Drennan

Anthony Drennan had a very white shirt on. I guess so we could see him.

image of Keith and Jim playing along.

Keith Duffy and Jim playing along.

image of Kieran Kiely

New guy Kieran Kiely played a mean accordion. (Unfortunately a cymbal stood between me and Jason Duffy on drums so I couldn't get a good shot of him playing)

image of Andrea spinning to the music

Andrea spinning to the music

image of stuffed bear that hit Andrea

To the right of the coffee mug on the drum riser you see the stuffed bear that hit Andrea in the head when tossed from the audience. Classy!


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