Add Your Covid-19 Story

Long after moments in history, such as the COVID-19 outbreak, recede into the ether of historical memories, people will want to know about how those who lived at that time experienced the event. The secular experience probably won’t be much different than a majority of the world population but the goal of The Secular COVIDStories Project is to collect and save for posterity the secular perspective on this tumultuous time in history.

What is your story? Share it with other secular people and the world.

Feel free to express yourself in words about your experiences during the pandemic. We will be collecting stories for the duration of the public health emergency so feel free to submit more than one story. Collected stories will be presented in some form in the near future, either a website, booklet, or read during an episode of the Glass City Humanist podcast (or all three).

If you would like to add your Covid-19 story to my project please submit it using this form. If you have a questions feel free to let us know.

*Note* By submitting your story to this project you are giving Doug Berger permission to publish it and to use it to promote the project.