Why I Hate Trumpcare And Why Repeal & Replace Is A Scam

image of a crowded ER waiting room
The GOP would like us to return to the bad old days of overcrowded emergency rooms for non-emergency healthcare

While the GOP in the US Senate try to find a way to bribe and strong arm enough votes to pass their version of Trumpcare, I had another debate with a conservative friend about the issue. He doesn’t think he should pay for someone else’s healthcare. This is why we are so far apart on the issue. He thinks it’s like buying a car and I think healthcare is a fundamental human right and a basic plan should be provided and funded by the government using tax dollars.

Josh Marshall, over at Talkingpoints Memo puts the divide clear and to the point:

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Trumpcare: Access Is Bullshit!

Donald Trump

The GOP rolled out their ‘plan’ to ‘replace’ the Affordable care Act with something ‘better’ and ‘cheaper’. Of course none of them know what they are doing as Trumpcare would force people to pay upfront for their health insurance and they might get that money back from a tax credit that would of course not cover their premiums. The main point is that the GOP is focused on ‘access’ to healthcare not actual coverage. As one blog editor put it: Access is bullshit!

I’m not planning on debating the minutia of the GOP “replacement” plan, aka “Trumpcare” for the ACA except for a couple of points and to share my general thoughts using the words of the editor for Talking Points Memo blog. The shortcut is that the replacement plan is crap and just another way to screw over those most vulnerable and to try and go back to the days when poor people were trapped getting medical care in expensive emergency rooms while Wall Street celebrated over the bones of those who didn’t need to die.

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A Rational Way To Resist Trump

best image of Donald Trump

You know I wasn’t happy with the election of Donald Trump and the fact that the Republicans now control the House, Senate, and White House. I didn’t vote for any of them and I know none of them will have my concerns in mind when they start their agenda. However I won’t be telling people Trump ‘is not my President’. I don’t think it’s helpful to copy the Tea Party playbook lock stock and barrel. We need a more rational way to resist Trump and fight hard for our progressive agenda in which a majority of people agree.

The fact is a majority of total voters voted for Clinton but Trump won the electoral college votes. Of course there is some debate how ethical that win really was, but barring some last minute super-duper legal maneuver or a ‘smoking gun’, Trump will be taking the oath of office on January 20th. I will still have fun telling my conservative friends that Hillary won the election by almost 3 million votes.

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5 Reasons Most Conservatives Are Terrible At Politics

image of a crowd of angry conservatives

This election is unlike ones I’ve experienced in my lifetime and some pundits claim it is the most off-the-wall campaign they’ve seen. All I know is that each election helps show how terrible conservatives are at politics.

I have a conservative friend who I’ve known since High School. He is a smart guy and successful in his area of employment but he’s terrible at politics. Like most conservatives he hates Hillary Clinton with a passion and like most conservatives he repeats every bad argument he’s read or heard to confirm his hate.

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Who Would Be A Worse Ohio Governor Than John Kasich? Mike DeWine Of Course

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

The current Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, who has never feared sticking it to women and the LGBT community in the courts, is planning to run for governor in 2018. If you thought John Kasich was a butt-head when it came to conservative and religiously based politics, then wait until DeWine runs. We might have another version of Ken Blackwell and we know how well that worked.

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