Taliban Like Christians Force Two Defenders Of The Constitution From Office

Map of Ohio showing dot where Carey is located

The village of Carey, Ohio (pop. approx. 3500) is about 60 miles south east of Toledo. Known for Limestone quarries and The Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation, the town is your average small town. It is unusual for a Mayor of a small town to make waves and in this case trying to defend the US Constitution caused such a fuss that the mayor decided to resign rather than argue or deal with threats from those in town looking to institute Christian style Sharia law.

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Why Do Progressives Make Life So Hard?

some progressive issues

The 2016 Presidential election is in the books and we will be getting a President progressives didn’t want, who will be working with a Congress controlled by people who don’t support progressive issues. For some reason the progressive groups I follow seem to have a new energy and a surge of donations to ‘fight the power’. I can’t help myself but wonder where was this energy before election day? Why do progressives seem to take the hard road? Do we like being a victim when we don’t need to be?

Life was looking up for progressives. Our issues were being addressed. We had the start of real health insurance reform, same-sex marriage was finally legalized, there was movement toward addressing climate change, church and state issues were going our way. We were on the cusp of electing the first woman president who likely would be friendly to our issues and continue the progress made under President Obama.

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Justice Samuel Alito Believes Only Religious People Are Moral

image of Smug Justice Samuel Alito
A Smug Justice Samuel Alito

Justice Samuel Alito spent 15 pages to dissent against a US Supreme Court decision NOT to hear a case over birth control and pharmacies. In his waste of ‘ink’, he claims that only religious people are ‘moral’ and ‘ethical’.

The US Supreme Court decided NOT to hear a case from Washington state where a pharmacist wanted a religious exemption to a state law that required all pharmacists to dispense all lawfully prescribed medications or if they have moral or ethical objections they have to refer the patient to another pharmacist in the same store. The medications that prompted the lawsuit was birth control. The decision not to hear the case let stand a lower court ruling against the people who wanted the religious exemption.

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Religious Low-Lights Of 2015

Reddit user Dargo200 compiled an image showing specific examples of bad things done in the name of religion in 2015. From Female Genital Mutilation to beating someone to death because people thought they were eating beef, there were a lot of bad things done last year. This just shows that the typical western liberal religious view of religion is the exception and not the rule.

Governor Kasich Lied About His View On Abortion Restrictions In 2013 Budget Bill


Back in 2013, when the Ohio legislature was considering a budget bill that contained some onerous abortion restrictions, reproductive rights advocates urged supporters to ask the Governor to line-item veto the restrictions. At the time he seemed he hadn’t decided what he would do but in the end he let the restrictions stand. Administration emails, recently obtained by the AP, show the Governor’s staff helped write the restrictions. The Governor lied about being neutral.

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