It Is Not Racist To Criticize Islam

screenshot of Ben and Bill debating

This weekend social media blew up when comedian Bill Maher and actor Ben Affleck debated Maher’s views about Islam on his HBO show. Affleck makes the same mistake most liberals make when religion is involved in a debate, they conflate criticism with ‘racism’. Ideas like that lead us to blasphemy laws.

The heated portion of the debate started after comments from author Sam Harris:

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FOX Business Channel Supports Slavery In History Revision

screenshot of 'Judge' Andrew Napolitano
‘Judge’ Andrew Napolitano don’t know much about history

Conservatives try to adopt President Lincoln as their Republican icon but libertarians have an issue with how Lincoln ended slavery. Yes, libertarians are more concerned about the ‘free market’ then about people OWNING other people. But we already knew how some libertarians are plain assholes. That aspect of libertarianism was on full display recently on the FOX Business Channel (FBC).

In a Black History segment on FBC on February 14th, ‘Judge’ Andrew Napolitano falsely blamed Abraham Lincoln for the Civil War.

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Getting On The Duck Dynasty Bandwagon Says More About You

image of Phil Robertson

The media, both broadcast and social, was a buzz when Phil Robertson who stars on the ‘reality’ TV show Duck Dynasty said some nasty things about gays and African-Americans in a magazine interview. Needless to say my Facebook feed lit up with my conservative friends coming to Phil’s defense and standing with him. Not a peep was said about what he said they only complained about Robertson being suspended from the show. The lack of comments about what Robertson said says a lot about conservatives.

First off I want to head off the casual argument I’ve seen where people try to deny Robertson said anything bad or that he was misquoted.

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As Some Dismiss Feminism In The Atheist Movement, They Fail To Know Their History

image of American Atheist founder Madalyn Murray O'Hair
Before Richard Dawkins, Madalyn Murray O’Hair was THE public face of Atheism

As much as I get frustrated about the unnecessary backlash against atheist feminists, it makes me even more upset to see some well meaning opponents of feminism in the movement who fail to learn from history. Tom Flynn, the editor of Free Inquiry and the executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism, points out the work of women on the front lines in the struggle of freethought in the last 40 years of the 20th century. Women have led the major atheist groups from the 1960’s to the present.

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When Did Religion Get To Avoid Skepticism?

image of blogger PZ Myers
PZ Myers

Skepticism is the questioning of what is stated as fact and is one of the primary tools I use as a free thinker. I am also an atheist. I don’t subscribe to any religious belief. I have considered the arguments for and about religion and rejected the conclusion. The process I used to get to my conclusion was Skepticism. In a recent blog post PZ Myers, responded to an idea I’ve seen and read myself where some people think religious beliefs shouldn’t be subject to Skepticism. Like Myers, I think that’s stupid.

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