Even A Celebrity Tabloid Show Can Be A Prude: Show Censors Time Cover

small image of uncensored Time cover

This week Time magazine created a storm by having a nursing mother on its cover to highlight a story about attachment parenting. Some people lost their minds over the picture that was not obscene unless you think a mother nursing their child is obscene. A celebrity tabloid TV show, not known for general decorum in their stories seemed to find something it wouldn’t hype. The show censored the Time cover, pixelizating the point where the child is suckling. What drama over a natural human behavior.

The celebrity TV show “The Insider” had a couple of stories on the Time cover and the “debate” about it. However, every time the image of the cover was shown – even on video from other TV shows, the cover was censored. It was pixelizated at the point the child was suckling.

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No news is not good

A local TV station makes the case that news is over rated and it is better to watch talk shows instead. They go a bit too far by using the tag line “No News is good…” Actually, people avoiding the news is why this country is in the trouble it is in.

To be a complete citizen one should keep informed from the local news.