Website Gives Instructions On How To Commit Voting Fraud

clip art showing burgler stealing Ohio's vote
Only people trying to steal Ohio’s vote seems to be the GOP

One of the narratives of the GOP and right-wing this election season is that our country is being threatened by rampant voting fraud. Their need to “protect our country” and suppress votes for Democrats has led several states run by Republicans to restrict early voting, pass strict ID laws, and to purge voting rolls. It’s ironic then that a right-wing conservative front group would actually give instructions on how to commit voting fraud. They want people to commit a federal crime in order to make a point.

On Friday a tweet showed up in my twitter feed about a post on the Ohio Watchdog website:

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Of Gaffes And False Equivalencies

image of Mitt Romney Grimacing

I’m sure everyone has seen the video of Mitt Romney talking about never getting the vote of the so-called 47% of Americans who pay no income taxes and who will vote for the President to keep the checks coming. My amusement came from the fact that what he said is how people like Romney actually feel about the rest of us regular people. Some have called it a gaffe and then Republicans trot out gaffes said by President Obama at different times as if it’s the same thing as what Romney did. It’s a false equivalency, the Republican whine shows they are missing the forest for the trees.

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Papa John Schnatter Too Cheap To Provide Affordable Health Care For His Workers

image of 'Papa' John Schnatter

The founder and CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, John Schnatter said during a shareholders conference call last week that if the Affordable Care Act wasn’t repealed it would add up to 14 cents onto the cost of a pizza. It’s good too know that Papa John thinks 14 cents is far more important than affordable health care for his minimum wage workers.

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Access To Health Care Is Like Driving A Car Or Owning A Cell Phone ???

image of Arizona GOP nom Jesse Kelly
Jesse Kelly – Human?

If you agree with Jesse Kelly, the Republican nominee in Arizona’s 8th congressional district, that access to health care should be treated like being allowed to drive a car or own a cell phone then we are in some serious trouble in this country. Health care should be a right and not subject to the whims and bias of people who live in a bubble of their own existence.

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