Unvaccinated Children Should Have To Register Like Sex Offenders

CDC Poster from the 1950s to vaccinate children against polio

There is an outbreak of Mumps in Franklin county. Even though it isn’t known what led to the outbreak, the event started up discussion on the need to vaccinate. A friend of mine posted a story about the rates of vaccination in the county and I learned that there is a religious exemption to the requirement for childhood vaccinations. This bit of religious privilege makes me angry. I think that if parents decide not to vaccinate their children for non-medical reasons, those children should be registered with the state, like sex offenders are, so we can avoid those children and excluded them from public activities if an outbreak flares up.

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Republicans Prove Again They Are Hypocrites, Hate The Poor, And Are Terrible Christians

a pile of old food stamp coupons

The GOP can now cross “punch a poor person” off their bucket list of asshatery when the US House passed a massive cut in food stamps on Thursday. Most used the false excuse of abuse of the system to justify taking food away from 4 million people. Some of them, claiming to be Christians, used Bible quotes as their justification. These are the same guys who never had to worry where their next meal was coming from. The GOP are so gung-ho about fraud when they can smear poor people but when their corporate buddies are robbing people blindly, the Republicans are NOWHERE to be found.

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New Merchant of Death: The NRA

image of a gun

The NRA may not have pulled the trigger at the elementary school in Connecticut but they can’t avoid any blame since they fight for little or no gun laws and benefit from and promote an irrational public fear that drives gun sales. The press conference they held on Friday 12/21 proves the point that they don’t really care about mass killings accomplished after their hard work. They now join tobacco and alcohol producers who also refuse to accept any blame for killing people and work to get legal protection. They have joined the merchants of death.

Here is the main take away from the NRA press conference:

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Another Reason Not To Believe In God

image of Bryan Fischer and Mike HuckabeeBryan Fischer & Mike Huckabee:
2 douches for God

After yet another mass killing at a school, the religious right comes out of the wood work to explain that such killings wouldn’t happen if we just let prayer back into the schools or God let a tragedy happen because we moved away from Him. What a bunch of stank rubbish! I know that the religious right are unreasonable and shun logic but equating a school shooting with not being able to pray in school is a load of crap.

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Even A Celebrity Tabloid Show Can Be A Prude: Show Censors Time Cover

small image of uncensored Time cover

This week Time magazine created a storm by having a nursing mother on its cover to highlight a story about attachment parenting. Some people lost their minds over the picture that was not obscene unless you think a mother nursing their child is obscene. A celebrity tabloid TV show, not known for general decorum in their stories seemed to find something it wouldn’t hype. The show censored the Time cover, pixelizating the point where the child is suckling. What drama over a natural human behavior.

The celebrity TV show “The Insider” had a couple of stories on the Time cover and the “debate” about it. However, every time the image of the cover was shown – even on video from other TV shows, the cover was censored. It was pixelizated at the point the child was suckling.

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