Amy Roth Joins the Tone Police and ‘Dear Muslimas’ Atheist Billboard

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A freethought group in the Cincinnati area raised $10,000 to pay for a billboard to counter the taxpayer funded Ark Encounter amusement park, sprung from the mind of serial creationist Ken Ham and features a life size version of Noah’s Ark. Of course not all atheists are happy with the protest. I was shocked that blogger Amy Roth would try to protect Ken Ham’s feelings and use an argument she has rejected when directed against her.

Here is a screencap of the billboard rendering the Tri-State Freethinkers tried to have put up:

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Next Time You Get Laid Give A Shout Out To Charles Darwin

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February 12th is Charles Darwin’s birthday. He wrote the seminal book about Evolution titled ‘On the Origin of Species’. He introduced the scientific theory that populations evolve over the course of generations through a process of natural selection. Of course, even in 2014, there are some people who either refuse to accept Evolution or seem to have no idea what it is.

Last week Bill Nye debated Ken Ham on the topic of creationism (a debate Nye clearly won) and the website Buzzfeed posted images of several debate attendees who offered questions they wanted Evolutionists to answer. All of the questions were the standard creationist claptrap that have been refuted time and time again. Here is one that cracks me up every time:

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Everything Should Be Open To Questioning? Not Quite

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Being an atheist, I have spent a lot of time debating religious people about all sorts of things such as my freedom to be an atheist to the US motto (In God We Trust) being printed on our money. The theist is on the wrong side of the debate all the time but they seem to believe my equality and freedom is subject to debate. No one would rationally support that kind of injustice. Imagine my shock when a fellow atheist, trying to support debating the equality of women, used a line of argument we atheists dismiss out of hand when fundamentalist Christians use it against Evolution.

This all stems from the unending internal Internet arguments over sexism in secular groups that I’ve written about before in this blog. The fighting has devolved into unproductive name calling and whining one sees on the middle school playground. I try to avoid reading blog posts specifically about the conflict because those posts just seem to be attempts by the authors to feel superior to a straw man and no one really listens to what is being said. The signal to noise ratio is very low.

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