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Nattering Nabobs Of Negativity: Know your GOP 2012 Presidential Candidates

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image of final four GOP 2012 Presidential CandidatesThe other day I created the image seen on the right of these words. “Nattering Nabobs Of Negativity: Know your GOP 2012 Presidential Candidates” which gave nicknames for each of the final four Republican Presidential Candidates of 2012. Then I had an idea of creating a short slide show set to some funky music. Enjoy a unique look at the four men who want to be President of the United States.
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Restoring Honor the Swiss Cheese way

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Glenn Beck had his masturbatory rally in Washington on August 28th. It was a mix of religious revival and fascist party rally (a group called “The Black Robes”? really?). It has and will be mocked with ridicule and parody so I offer up a version of my own. And the world famous cartoon Swiss Cheese wanted to help out.

Restoring Honor 2010 – Swiss Cheese

The Cheese is back – “Vanity Swiss” film debut

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Beloved comic book character Swiss Cheese returns to cash in on the comic book to movie trend in his first direct to video feature. “Vanity Swiss” finds Swiss and his buddies Lenox and Bob talking about what is on their minds.

Vanity Swiss