The Right To Vote: One Of The Best Ideas For An Amendment

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It seems like every recent election season there are the stories of Republicans trying to make it as tough as possible to vote. I mean if you can’t win on the issues the best alternative it to prevent as many of people from voting as possible. Did you know the US Constitution has no affirmative right to vote in its text? Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) want to change that. Aside from the Equal Rights Amendment, this is probably the best idea for an amendment since the Bill of Rights.

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New GOP tactic – Disenfranchise Students

Not only are cheap labor conservatives trying to take down labor unions but they are also trying to keep college students from voting.

The New Hampshire House is trying to put those words into law, with two bills designed to disenfranchise young voters — one to disallow them from voting if they or their parents haven’t established residency in that district, the other to disallow same-day voter registration altogether.

NH GOP Seeks To Disenfranchise Students Who ‘Just Vote Their Feelings’ (VIDEO)

I doubt this will be just a New Hampshire thing. Let be clear:


Students get off the pot and protect your voting rights or you might be disenfranchised.