An Inventor And An Author Added To Famous Findlayians

I recently updated my Famous Findlayians page to add two new people. James B. Hill invented the Buckeye Traction Ditcher that helped drain the Great Black Swamp and James Purdy was an author who was ahead of his times but he influenced a number of writers.

Hill lived in Findlay for a number of years early in the 20th century and is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery.

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New And Fresh: Famous Findlayians Page

image of Findlay Ohio Bicentennial logo

I wanted to do something to celebrate the bicentennial of my hometown Findlay, Ohio. I decided to totally redo my Famous Findlayian web page. I gutted it and rebuilt it with fresh css, a splash of color, replacing some images with better ones, a new masthead image, and a couple of new additions to the list. Check it out.

Here is an example of a new person added to my cyber hall-of-fame:

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Famous Findlayian page updated

Good news. I have updated my “Famous Findlayian” web page. I include more people of note with sections on Medal of Honor recipients and Congress critters.

New to the page includes Clyde “Diz” Kirkendall a softball pitcher, Bernie Little owner of the former Unlimited Hydroplane boat “Miss Budweiser”, and Marie Dressler who won a best actress Oscar in 1931.

I also updated some the pictures and information for people who were on the list already.

Famous Findlayians and others from Hancock County Ohio

Update to Famous Findlayians

I just updated my “Famous Findlayians” page on my website. That is where I list some collected info on famous people who either were born, lived, or worked in my hometown Findlay, Ohio.

A couple of web visitors pointed out a few more people I failed to mention in the first edition. People like C.J. “Pappy” Hart who was one of the “fathers” of the sport of Drag racing and Howard T. Ricketts, who helped isolate the bacteria that causes Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

I also tweaked some of the photos I included on the page and updated some of the text. Looks like I will have to tweak the layout some more later.

“Famous Findlayians”