Stereotype Busted: Poor People Are Lazy Moochers

image of people in line at an Unemployment office

I’m sure many people have some evil thoughts about going to work, especially after what seems like a too short of a weekend. ‘Why don’t I just go on welfare so I don’t have to work. I want to lay around all day drinking and popping out kids to get more welfare. It has to be easier than my life.’ Those of us who actually have experience with public assistance knew welfare didn’t make all poor people lazy moochers looking for free stuff. Now some actual research backs us up.

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If You Want To Offset Disaster Aid Start With Senator Coburn’s Pay

offical image of US Senator Tom Coburn (R-Heartless)
US Senator Tom Coburn (R-Heartless)

A massive tornado flattens a large part of Moore Oklahoma on Monday. Whole neighborhoods and businesses are turned into piles of scrap wood and metal. It is times like these that a government springs into action. Providing aid quickly is one way to keep the peace and to spark rebuilding. Unfortunately some Republicans in Congress have a large stick up their ass when it comes to disaster aid. They are so worried about the budget that they demand that disaster aid be offset. That means to help people in need funds must come from other parts of the budget which usually means away from other people in need. I think if you want to offset disaster aid start with Senator Coburn’s pay.

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