A Rational Way To Resist Trump

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You know I wasn’t happy with the election of Donald Trump and the fact that the Republicans now control the House, Senate, and White House. I didn’t vote for any of them and I know none of them will have my concerns in mind when they start their agenda. However I won’t be telling people Trump ‘is not my President’. I don’t think it’s helpful to copy the Tea Party playbook lock stock and barrel. We need a more rational way to resist Trump and fight hard for our progressive agenda in which a majority of people agree.

The fact is a majority of total voters voted for Clinton but Trump won the electoral college votes. Of course there is some debate how ethical that win really was, but barring some last minute super-duper legal maneuver or a ‘smoking gun’, Trump will be taking the oath of office on January 20th. I will still have fun telling my conservative friends that Hillary won the election by almost 3 million votes.

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Morning Show Host Misses The Point On Journalism During Elections

screencap of Morning show host Robin Roberts talking about journalism
Morning show host Robin Roberts talking about journalism

One thing that grinds my gears every election season is the lack of effort from the members of the national journalist class. Basically most of them turn into stenographers – just repeating what political people tell them. Robin Roberts, a morning show host who thinks she is a journalist, knows what her job should be but misses the point of what it is suppose to do.

Summer repeats of TV shows are a nice time to come across things like an interview with Good Morning America host Robin Roberts on the Ellen DeGeneres show from back in February. She is asked about the 2016 Presidential election:

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Ohio Press Group Says We Deserve Better Political Reporting

offical image Dennis Hetzel, executive director of the Ohio Newspaper Association and president of the Ohio Coalition for Open Government
Dennis Hetzel, executive director of the Ohio Newspaper Association and president of the Ohio Coalition for Open Government

I found an interesting guest column in my local paper the other day from Dennis Hetzel, who is executive director of the Ohio Newspaper Association and president of the Ohio Coalition for Open Government. In his column, he admits that journalists in Ohio need to do a better job in reporting on the upcoming elections. Hetzel believes it should be based on issues and not the horse race. I’ve been complaining about that for years and I’m glad Hetzel offers some solutions.

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All a matter of perspective I guess

As we close in on election day, it is important to keep up on the issues and proposed policies of the Presidential candidates. Mark A. Shrider, over on his blog Right on the Mark points out some contrasts between Obama and McCain. Since his look is slanted to the right, I decided to respond to each of his points here:

We get AP investigations into Sarah Palin’s record. We get government computers used to look into “Joe the Plumber’s” private life. Yet, asking a question of Senator Obama’s tax plan or his associations is off limits. Instead of talking about the merits of Obama’s Tax Plan or investigating some of those association the attention is deflected & we never get the answers we deserve.


I don’t think anyone would approve of government workers looking into “Joe the Plumber” but it’s odd hearing complaints from the side of the aisle that approves of weakening all our 4th Amendment rights in the quest to make us “safe”. How ironic.

Sarah Palin’s record was examined just as all the candidates records were examined. If someone wants a job and uses their past record as support for hiring them why should that be off limits.

Palin was further looked at because it seems McCain didn’t vet her long enough before he offered her the job. All he saw was she could appeal to the GOP base (that is white Christian men who fear change). Then to make matters worse for her, McCain’s people tried to pull a Cheney and hush up a real ethics investigation that had started before she was even a blip in the campaign’s eye.

Obama’s tax plan has been questioned by the press – which includes more than the AP. A simple Google search showed at least 552 news articles about in various forms. I also used the tax calculator that is on the Obama website and found out I might get a $550 tax break while my mom would be up for $1000.

The simple answer is Obama plans to cut taxes for those making $250,000 and less. McCain wants to make Bush’s tax cut for the rich permanent

Of course Mark is probably wanting details on the tax plan – meaning what spending will be cut to pay for the tax cuts. I understand why the details are murky – we just put $700 billion on our credit card to bail out the mess left by “free market” conservatives. Who knows what will in fact happen. Obama mentioned that he may have to delay some of his plan until the real numbers are known. I still think Obama’s plan is better for the country as it focuses on the people who are foundation of this country – the middle class and small business – not the rich. We have had 8 years of cuts for the rich so lets try it the other way.

As I’ve said before if associations mean anything then lets talk about John McCain and G. Gordon Liddy, or his involvement with the Council for World Freedom that was involved with the Iran-Contra deal (which included selling weapons to Iran) and Latin American death squads during his time on their board and how about the Keating 5, and his association with the anti-Catholic and antisemitic Pastor John Hagee? Then there is Sarah Palin’s association with the anti-American Alaska Independence Party. 

In this country we have freedom of association and it seems by the poll numbers voters don’t care if Obama knows a so-called domestic terrorist.

While those topics have been in the news there doesn’t appear to be any investigations conducted by the AP as they did with Governor Palin. No use of government computers to look into Senator Obama’s private life as was done with “Joe the Plumber.” Instead, we get some government agencies locking up some of Obama’s private information. Where is the mainstream media? Apparently in Alaska & Toledo checking on the enemy.

Mark seems to forget that Obama’s passport file was accessed by a contractor at the State Department. Frontline did a long documentary about both McCain and Obama’s history. Some reporter found Obama’s brother in Kenya living in a shanty and just tonight Inside Edition had a story about Obama’s aunt who lives in a run down building in Boston. Just because these reports don’t paint Obama as the antichrist doesn’t mean the press hasn’t looked.

Yet, John McCain still refuses to release all his medical records. Knowing he has had several bouts of skin cancer and the fact that the health of a President can drive the stock market – it is important we know if he would healthy enough to complete a term. But it isn’t the first time he didn’t release everything. Back 1999 he did the same thing only release a selection to answer questions about his mental health from his 5 years as a POW.

We got ACORN possibly involved in voter registration fraud & maybe even voter fraud. Obama gave them $800,000. Yet, Obama accuses republicans of plotting to suppress votes. And, while Senator Obama is requiring folks to show ID at his election night event in Chicago, he doesn’t find it necessary to show ID to vote.

ACORN isn’t involved in voter registration fraud and there has not been any voter fraud this election and only 24 cases between 2002 and 2005 out of millions of votes cast. While the GOP has been caught in various suppression efforts just this year (PI sent to homes of registered voters, attempting to use foreclosure lists to bar voters, and telling student voters they would be arrested if they voted where they went to school)…… Comparing evidence it seems the suppression efforts are real and the voter fraud charges are a fraud.

I don’t see the point of equating security of a Presidential candidate with voting. It seems like an apples to oranges comparison.

Even when it comes to campaign issues we’ve heard many times that Senator Obama wants to allow us to buy into the same health insurance he & Senator McCain enjoy. However, he never tells us at what cost. On the other hand, John McCain plans to give each one of us a $2500 tax credit for insurance & $5000 for a family. It seems that McCain is required to give more information about his plan than is required of Obama.

The estimate is $100 billion. It would be modeled after Medicare which seems to be doing pretty well for the past 43 years. We are spending $10.3 billion per month in Iraq. Taking even half of that amount as we ramp down operations there would pay for 60% of the health care plan.

Neither candidate has given specifics and each has twisted the other’s plan in stump speeches. 

And of course, the race card is being played out in the news lately as well. If Obama loses it must be the Bradley Effect due to secret racism. However, the possibility that Obama could get more than 90% of the black vote is called racial solidarity. Nope, no double standard at all.

Racism exists. One only needed to view video of some of McCain’s rallies in the past few weeks to see it. Only people who have a problem with Obama’s race would say that all blacks will vote for Obama. What about all the white people who will vote for McCain? Isn’t that racial solidarity? There couldn’t be any other reason they would all vote for McCain?? Just like there couldn’t be any OTHER reason blacks would vote for Obama?

I think when a campaign can’t win the battle on issues they seem to always go down the cheap road of character assassination. McCain took that road early on and for once it seems a majority of the people are not buying it.