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Kelly Clarkson Stubs Her Toe On Ron Paul

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image of Kelly Clarkson and Ron PaulSinger Kelly Clarkson tweeted that she supported Republican/Libertarian Ron Paul for the GOP nomination. After some push back she clarified that she didn’t support his more homophobic, anti-woman, anti-poor, anti-minority views. Clarkson is entitled to her views but her love of Ron Paul while seeming to ignore the extreme side of him, is troubling.
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Clarkson’s new single ROCKS!

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I was surfing the TV channels the other night before Thanksgiving and Fox was having some kind of American Idol Christmas special with Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, and Fantasia. The format was they would each sing a song of their own and then some Christmas tunes. I wasn’t planning on watching the show but Kelly’s set pulled me in.

She sang the first single off her new album “Breakaway” called “Since U Been Gone”.


She just blew me away with the song and her performance.

“Since U Been Gone” is going to Number 1 I predict. It is a great song and Kelly sells it.

It is rare that I would like a Top 40 song but it rocks.

Go to the website and watch the video.