Romney Won The Debate For The Best Liar Of The 2012 Election

screencap of Mitt Romney lying during debate
Mitt Romney lying during debate

As if it wasn’t understood before Wednesday night, in Denver, Mitt Romney will lie in order to get elected. His talking points in the debate contained as many lies as Paul Ryan’s RNC speech in August. I don’t know about you but I want a President who won’t lie on a whim. Mitt Romney just isn’t electable.

Here is a brief summary of some of the whoppers Mr. Romney let fly at the debate:

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Previously Unknown Criminal Record Haunts Findlay City Councilman Collette

image of Findlay Councilman K. C. Collette
Councilman K. C. Collette

K. C. Collette (3rd Ward) never thought crap would hit the fan when he recently applied for a new job in Florida. It seems that the 7 term Findlay City councilman and assistant Hancock county prosecutor was arrested twice in the 1990’s for soliciting a prostitute in Florida. While I think that someone convicted of a misdemeanor shouldn’t be precluded from serving as an elected official, lying by omission about the crimes, when the county first hired him in 1996 and when he ran for council, does lead me to think he needs to resign his offices.

According to the Findlay OH Courier, Collette was arrested in 1993 and 1995 and plead no-contest both times. He had to perform community service each time and get counseling after the 2nd conviction. It also seems that the current County Prosecutor Mark Miller didn’t know about the convictions and the man who originally hired him, Robert Fry, now a Municipal Court judge knew about the 1993 arrest but not the 1995 one.

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