Yet another Republican manufactured crisis

Reminds me of the summer shark attack reports the media feeds on in the slow news time when Congress is on recess. The Cordoba House issue in New York City is like those sensationalize shark attack stories. It allows the Republicans and their media lap dogs to distract us from the real issues like the economy and two wars we are fighting. Of course it happens all the time.

What ticks me off about this is they do this every election cycle. [Republicans] never want to talk about substance, and they get their way– every election cycle we talk about whatever they want to talk about. Our political system fiddles while America burns, and it’s because the Republican message machine dictates the conversation.

Been Here Before

That’s why as of today 08/16/2010 I refuse to watch a single hour of CNN or the major network news programs again.

I don’t have time to waste listening to Republican talking points and some outright lies.

TV Journalism has pretty much failed.

How else do you explain a free pass given to the GOP who now seem to advocate gutting the parts of the Constitution they don’t like?