Give up religion for Lent

While driving by a nearby rib joint I noticed they had this written on their outside sign board

All-you-can-eat Fish on Fridays

That reminded me that Lent is close at hand.

Lent, the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter in the Roman Catholic (and most Christian) calendar arrives on February 21st. Most Catholic friends of mine abstain eating meat on Fridays. I once had dinner with a friend, on a Friday, late during Lent and when I asked what was for dinner, he said, “Pancakes..” It seemed his family was fished out.

It was very weird having Pancakes with all the fixings in the evening. I tried to get my Mom to do it for fun once but she refused. “Pancakes are for breakfast,” she said.

Religious people are also taught to give up something they enjoy during Lent. Some try to quit smoking, stop eating sweets, or stop drinking.

My idea is for religious people to give up religion for Lent. Try to see how it is to live without superstition and outdated thinking – like observing Lent. Try it for 40 days and if you aren’t satisfied you can go back to religion but I really believe if you stop going to church and stop praying, you will like it and stay with us Atheists.

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