Killing Of Tamir Rice Was Not Like Getting Into A Fender Bender

image of Tamir Rice who was murdered by police
12 year old Tamir Rice who was murdered by police in 2014

Tamir Rice was murdered by two Cleveland police officers in 2014. Even with video showing the officers murdered the 12 year old, the prosecutor announced this week that neither officer would be indicted for murder. He called the unfortunate incident an accident. Really? Two officers murdering a young boy is like getting into a traffic accident? It just shows how biased the ‘justice’ system is in Cleveland.

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New Merchant of Death: The NRA

image of a gun

The NRA may not have pulled the trigger at the elementary school in Connecticut but they can’t avoid any blame since they fight for little or no gun laws and benefit from and promote an irrational public fear that drives gun sales. The press conference they held on Friday 12/21 proves the point that they don’t really care about mass killings accomplished after their hard work. They now join tobacco and alcohol producers who also refuse to accept any blame for killing people and work to get legal protection. They have joined the merchants of death.

Here is the main take away from the NRA press conference:

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I’m Sorry But I Can’t Really Know How You Feel

image of a lit candle

Watching the TV coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting this weekend, or rather trying to avoid it, I was concerned about the incident and feel sad for the families and friends of the ones who were murdered, However I can’t really know how they feel and I don’t want to. Some of the media coverage just seems too creepy for words and I wonder if I should feel bad for not feeling worse. How many more innocent people need to die to change our gun culture?

I remember how I felt after seeing the 2nd plane hit the World Trade Center on 9/11 and I feel the same way after the Sandy Hook killings. I’m in funk but because the people who were murdered in Connecticut were not my family or friends, I don’t have a right to grieve. That’s for the friends and family of the victims.

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