Obama’s Grand Bargain Nothing New

image of Speaker John Boehner and President Obama
Speaker John Boehner and President Obama

The media heated up on Friday reporting that President Obama’s new budget deal will include cuts to Social Security and Medicare (GASP!!!!). It was reported that the “left” exploded at the idea of cuts to earned benefits. If the media would do their jobs they would know the President has been offering these “cuts” for a couple of years now and the Republicans have always refused the offer because they don’t want to increase taxes. They don’t want the President to have a win of any kind. Right now there is a lot more heat than flame.

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Even When Given What They Want The GOP Refuses To Agree

image of Speaker Boehner and President Obama
“I know you gave us what we wanted, Mr. President, but the answer is still no.”

They call it the Obama Derangement Syndrome. It’s the irrational way Republicans in Congress refuse to agree with anything President Obama proposes even when he tries to give them exactly what they want. The most recent example is the President offering to cut entitlements as part of the ‘Grand Bargain’ he insists on trying to get.

A couple of points first. Social Security doesn’t contribute to the deficit and acting like it does, even from those on the left side of the aisle give the Republicans cover when they do “give-in” and “allow” the President to cut Social Security.

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Isn’t It Great, People Who Get Free Health Care Want To Cut Yours

offical image of Sen. Lindsey Graham
December douchebag Sen. Lindsey Graham (R)

The Congress, led by the Republicans, where members get free healthcare and a tax payer funded pension, are insisting that Social Security and Medicare must be cut to get a budget deal to prevent a fall off the fake fiscal cliff. Isn’t it great that people who don’t need a social safety net want to cut and gut it for those who do? Isn’t that what America is all about?

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Rep Jim Jordan wants to hurt the elderly and disabled

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-4th) is on the shadow budget group that suggests cuts in the budget and it seems he wants to cut social security and medicare. Like many cheap labor conservatives his cutting didn’t include a Marine vehicle being built in his district. He would rather hurt the elderly and disabled.

“I believe the American people are ready for the tough measures that have to be implemented to put the country on the right path,” Jordan said. “There are sacrifices that are going to have to be made by everyone. The American people get it. The most-important question is, will the political class display the same kind of courage that the American people have displayed.”

To Jordan, this year’s budget battle is only the beginning. He points out that the current temporary spending measures deal only with what is known as discretionary spending – the 12 percent of the budget that finances the annual operations of the government. He is talking of eventually taking on the real cause of the deficit: the entitlement programs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

“The discretionary side is a down payment or a first step,” Jordan said. “It’s not going to solve the problem. Everything else has to be looked at, including how to save and reform Social Security and Medicare. The speaker has been clear that will be part of budget. We couldn’t agree more.”

Budget cutting raises tensions between Ohioans Boehner, Jordan

First of all what he said about entitlements causing the deficit is a LIE. The majority of the deficit comes from extending the Bush tax cuts at the end of 2010.

Like all cheap labor conservatives they never talk about corporate America paying their fair share which they don’t.

Republicans like Jordan talk out of their ass especially when it comes to specific cuts. From the same article mentioned at the start, it noted:

As much as Jordan wants to reduce spending, he does have his exceptions. When the Obama administration wanted to cut millions of dollars for a Marine vehicle built in Jordan’s district, the conservative Republican fought to save the money.

Yep he wants to kick Grandma to the curb but don’t mess with his pet project that benefits his district. The fact is that the elderly, disabled, and poor have taken the brunt of the bad economic times we live in. It is time for the corporate world to pay their fair share.