2012 US Election Is Over: Majority Rejects Bigotry

image of President Obama & Family @ Victory party 2012
President Obama & Family @ Victory party 2012

The 2012 US Presidential election is now over, pending the final results, and one thing was clear to me. A majority of voters rejected the GOP campaign of dishonesty, hate, and bigotry paid for by entitled billionaires. President Obama was re-elected, gay marriage rights secured in a couple of states, pot legalized in one state, and a number of women were elected for the first time to the US Senate and a couple of rape apologists were defeated. I was very nervous at the start of the day but am relieved that this country didn’t fall over a cliff to the dark side.

The best news is President Obama was re-elected. Nate Silver’s Fivethirtyeight Blog was dead on for the results. Once again the GOP lost by dismissing science.

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Not Surprised I Side With Jill Stein

featured image with text I side with Jill Stein

One of the mainstays of the Internet are self-check quizzes you can take. The ones I like are the political ones. The most famous is the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” to find out if one is a Libertarian – I’m not by the way. Another quiz that actually can help one understand US politics today is the isidewith.com. You answer questions on various issues and as if by magic the quiz tells you which Presidential candidate your views align with. I wasn’t surprised mine were aligned with Jill Stein from the Green Party.

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Opponents Of Ohio Redistricting Amendment Air Misleading Ad

image of the banner reading Yes! on Issue 2 in Ohio

State Issue 2 will be on the ballot in Ohio to reform the way congressional districts are drawn after each census. A cross section of groups from the League of Women Voters to the Ohio Libertarian Party support the amendment. The Republicans and those wanting to keep the power to draw district lines are opposed. The opponents recently started airing a commercial that attempts to mislead the voters about State Issue 2.

Before I talk about why the opposition’s ad is misleading, I want to explain why State Issue 2 is needed.

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