Why Republicans Love State’s Rights

image of the top of the Bill of Rights document

A major Republican talking point I hear quite often is to let state’s decide some policy issues – like same-sex marriage or voting rights. The implication is clear. Republicans want states to deal with those policy issues because Republicans control more state legislatures than Democrats. It is the GOP way of subverting the Federal government when they don’t control it.

Read this post on ThinkProgress today:

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Republicans, Mitt Romney & John C. Calhoun – Together Again

created image of John C. Calhoun & Mitt Romney
John C. Calhoun & Mitt Romney: Twins?

You know you are losing an election when you and your party are compared to the ‘planter elite’ that reigned, in the US, in the mid 1800’s. An essay by Mike Lux is a stinging indictment of what passes for Republican party politics today and he compares it to the politics of John C. Calhoun and the later ‘Robber Barons’ of the 1880’s. Ouch. One really doesn’t bring back the dead like John C. Calhoun unless it’s serious and I believe that this time in history is serious for the choice we all need to make on Tuesday.

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