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Message to CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS

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I have one message to Joe, Sean, Pat, Nora, Soledad, Chris, Campbell, Wolf, and the other “commentators” covering the Democratic convention:


Please, stop hurting the country with your concern troll, faux “objective” analysis of the speeches and events at the convention. We don’t care what YOU think or care what you want us to think. We KNOW what the GOP thinks, we don’t need to see them on the air repeating the talking points, in fact we don’t need YOU repeating the GOP talking points.

Here is how basic journalism at a political convention is suppose to work (if you need help call Walter Cronkite):

1. Show the speech without comments.

2. After the speech, talk about the points made – are they based in reality – are they truthful. If a speaker comments about the opponent then talk about it and compare it on the known facts. Don’t put words in the speaker’s mouth or speculate why something was said – stick to what was said.

3. If you didn’t like a speech then say why based on objective rational reasons – not talking points from the other party.

4. Talk to actual people attending the convention to find out how the different speeches played out. The speeches aren’t for YOU. They are for those spending the week at the convention.

If you feel like I do, that the “commentors” plain suck, then watch the convention unfiltered and uninterrupted on C-SPAN.

*Update* Exceptions to this request include Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd, and some of Keith Olberman (he can get close to gimble lock at times). Also PBS is good viewing and the Daily Show and Colbert Report have done a good job so far…..

Stewart zings Blitzer – film at 11

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I was watching The Daily Show tonight and Jon Stewart had on Wolf Blitzer from CNN. Stewart just hammered Blitzer about the 9/11 Senate Report released today.

The following exchange is from memory so the exact wording is iffy:

Stewart: So do you think that this Senate report should be the biggest political scandal ever?
Blitzer: You never made a mistake?

Stewart: So did the media go over what went wrong?
Blitzer: Yes we had meetings.
Stewart: I’m not talking about deciding what to put on the crawl (at the bottom of CNN’s picture) but did you look at what you could have done differently?
[funny bit about the crawl here]
Stewart: What could have the media done differently?
Blitzer: We should have been more skeptical.
[Stewart has a large facial reaction as if he was going to say “Isn’t that your job.”]
Stewart: So is it that the Republicans and Bush intimidated you guys not to ask the questions?
Blitzer: No. It wasn’t that. I’m not sure what happened. Look i went to Kuwait I got all the briefings the CIA, Defense Department, FBI, Congress, and everybody said he had huge stock piles of biological, chemical weapons and it was only a short time before he had a nuclear bomb….
Stewart: Right….
Blitzer: Condoleeza Rice said on my show ‘Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer’ [audience laughs at obvious plug] before the war, that she didn’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud….
Stewart: Right but we have since learned that Pakistan sold ‘mushroom’ material to every country in the area BUT Iraq. This is a crazy world…. whoooo….hoooooo. [then Stewart twirlls in his chair and waves his arms crazily]

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