Stereotype Busted: Poor People Are Lazy Moochers

image of people in line at an Unemployment office

I’m sure many people have some evil thoughts about going to work, especially after what seems like a too short of a weekend. ‘Why don’t I just go on welfare so I don’t have to work. I want to lay around all day drinking and popping out kids to get more welfare. It has to be easier than my life.’ Those of us who actually have experience with public assistance knew welfare didn’t make all poor people lazy moochers looking for free stuff. Now some actual research backs us up.

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Shocker! The Poor Doesn’t Spend Public Assistance On Steak And Lobster

photo of a steak on a grill

A few state legislatures, dominated by Republicans, have not only attacked women with draconian anti-abortion laws but have also attacked poor people by trying to micro manage how they spend public assistance. The GOP has the idea that poor people are spending money on steak and lobster and other luxuries. One survey shows they are still wrong.

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As Usual, Governor Kasich’s Magic Math Hurts The Poor

image of Ohio Governor John Kasich speaking
Ohio Governor John Kasich explaining his magic math

Normally if someone insisted on doing something even after it was proven they were wrong, that person would have their mental state questioned. Think of a child who keeps touching a hot cooking pot even after getting burned the first time. Ohio Governor John Kasich, with he latest budget proposal, is touching the hot pot again trying to use magic math to give the 1 percenters a huge tax break while hurting the poor.

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