I’m addicted to “Chick Flicks”

It hit me in the theater the other day as I watching the 8 hours of previews before the film I paid money to see in the first place.

I am addicted to chick flicks. I love those movies that either star women or are for women and teen girls. It creeped on me slowly but I finally became aware that maybe my “man card” was running out.

The movie I went to see the other day was “13 Going on 30” staring Jennifer Garner. I enjoyed the film very much. So much so that I even considered seeing it again.

A month or so ago I paid real money to see “Confessions of a Teenaged Drama Queen” staring Lindsey Lohan. Like the Garner film I saw CTADQ because of the star. I really liked her other film “Freaky Friday” last year. This week her new film “Mean Girls” opens. I want to see it because Lohan is in it and it was written by the funniest woman on television right now, Tina Fey of “Saturday Night Live”.

What made me realize that I had been watching far many more chick flicks than a normal single guy should see was during the previews at “13 Going on 30”. They showed a trailer for “New York Minute” staring the Olsen twins. I actually thought that I would go see that film as well. Don’t worry I came to my senses…. for now.

What I like about these type of movies is the stories are excellent, the acting pretty good, and it makes me happy for watching it. That is what a movie should be and do.

Big action or horror films seem to be popular but I am not a huge fan of mindless violence and blood. I think watching Rosemary’s Baby when I was 6 years old put me off those movies forever. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the Terminator series and Independence Day but I can spot action and blood as gimmicks a mile away. I may rent those movies if I have nothing else to do but usually the plots are awful and the dialog is worse. I just refuse to spend my $8.00 on that crap.

It seems that movies that move me are those that touch me emotionally and most of those are staring women or about women.

So I will be watching “Mean Girls” this weekend and I will see another preview of “New York Minute” and I will seriously consider seeing my first Olsen twin movie.