If I could vote, who would I vote for????

I don’t live in Hancock county. I was born and raised there so I am interested in the elections there. If I were to vote there here is who I recommend:

United States Senator Eric D. Fingerhut, US Representative To Congress 4Th District Ben Konop, House Of Representatives 76Th District Kenneth J. Ludwig

Commissioner 1/3/2005 Christopher Cox

The other local offices have no challengers and none of the incumbents are that bad but it is sad no one will challenge them.

Even if he had a challenger I would recommend for Coroner, Dr. LeRoy L. Schroeder. He was my Doctor in the later years I lived in Findlay and I was in the same Scout Troop as his son Kevin. He is a nice guy who supports his community and does a job that not many would do.

If you do live in Hancock County and want more election info check out these links:


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