Brief thoughts on the passing of Pope John Paul II

Couldn’t avoid the death watch the past few days. CNN had wall to wall coverage since Friday.

I just shook my head as millions of Catholics prayed for the Pope’s recovery then of course it was changed to praying for the Pope as he makes his way to Jesus.

John Paul II was an interesting person. Very active and he traveled a lot.

I didn’t and still don’t agree with his religion but respect him more than some of the political leaders during his 26 year reign.

Read some interesting comments about him. One was that he despised totalitarianism (having lived through the Nazi occupation of Poland and the Soviet domination) and he called it false religion yet he made his own decisions that are seen just as dictatorial. He wanted to improve the status of women but dictated that no women could be priests and came out against abortion for example.

Then there is the continued road blocks the Vatican has put up when trying to work on the issue of population control.

His Papacy set back US Catholicism 30 years and aligned it with the evangelical Christians.

Saw a quote in an AP article this evening that pretty much explains why someone like me could never be a member of any church:

“The church cannot be an association of freethinkers.”