Good Luck Katie

On Tuesday, September 5th, Katie Couric will begin as a sole anchor of the CBS Evening News.

Couric spent 15 years on the fluff news show “Today” on NBC so some have complained that she won’t succeed on a “hard” news show. Some have said she wouldn’t because of being on “Today” while others say it because she is a woman – they still think a woman can’t deliver the news.

Yes, the Today show is mostly fluff but when there was hard news to cover Couric did well. I remember watching her on Today during the beginning of the 9/11 attacks. I think she know when to be serious and when to be light. Besides Tom Brokaw, the former anchor of NBC news, worked for several years on Today in the late 70’s and he did okay moving to the anchor chair.

The critics says she hasn’t had enough hard news experience. My view is she is just reading the news – she doesn’t have to find it. That is what the staff does. She paid her dues as a local reporter and as a correspondent.

As to those who complain that she won’t do a good job because she is a woman – all I have to say is look at Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. They have a large number of women anchors of their various newscasts and no seems to complain about them. Couric will be doing the same thing those women do only she will be on CBS.

The only thing I hope Couric does do different is not throw softballs at anyone she interviews like a political leader.

Other than that I wish her good luck. I know I will watch at least once.