Rep Jim Jordan says “Nay” to the unemployed

On the same day Rep Jim Jordan (R – OH 4th) voted against the Wall Street bailout, he voted against H R 6867. What is H R 6867? The short title is known as Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2008. The act extends unemployment benefits for people at least until March 2009.

Yes, Jordan who seemed vote against a bill he felt didn’t provide an American solution to the finance meltdown, didn’t seem to want to help people who are out of work and close to exhausting their unemployment benefits. He was one of 28 Republicans to say “Nay” – the only nays on the bill. It passed the House 368 to 28.

Well at least he is consistent and following in the esteemed steps of Michael Oxley who held the seat before him.

I guess it’s okay for the 6 to 10 percent unemployed across his district. They don’t vote, do they?