President Obama’s Tax Cut Deal Analogy

In case people don’t understand why a lot of progressives like myself are upset with the proposed tax cut deal brokered by President Obama and the TP/GOP I wrote an analogy:

Look at it this way. I am the Democrats and I have a large pizza cut in 8 slices. You are the GOP and have a six pack of beer. I don’t need the beer because I have soda pop but you really want some pizza since there is no other food in the house. You also have a trigger to a bomb that will blow up the house next door killing the family that lives there.

A rational person in that position would offer a slice for 3 bottles of beer and the family’s freedom but since I am the Democrats I instead open the negotiation by offering 5 slices for one bottle and your promise to think about not blowing up the house next door. You accept and say we compromised and had bipartisanship and in the words of an old cellphone commercial “Daddy got hosed…”

Here’s the old cellphone commercial