‘Has President Obama Earned Your Vote?’ Ad Missing Something

screencap of End credits to Americans for Prosperity ad

Americans for Prosperity started airing a new ad against President Obama that had three people identified has having voted for the President in 2008 and who now talk about not voting for his re-election 2012. One actual fact slips out from the talking heads but the ad is missing something important. Can you guess what is missing?

screencaps of People who speak in anti-Obama ad

Americans for Prosperity is an ultra conservative group that is funded by the Koch Family Foundations. They have put out MANY ads against the President.

Have you guessed what is missing? If you said people of color you would be correct. The GOP has a minority problem and an ad where the President is the only person of color in the ad doesn’t help your argument that you are the party of all Americans.

At least one fact slipped through. Richard says “He inherited a bad situation…”

Thus ends the actual facts found in the ad. 

It leaves out that if the President didn’t accomplish what they wanted it was because of the Republican obstructionism in Congress. Yes he got health care reform passed and the cost for Robin is that she won’t have to worry about going bankrupt due to medical bills.

Maria says the President doesn’t deserve re-election. Firing a janitor because he can’t deal with the mess you gave him is always the better option right???? NOT!

For a more thorough fact check of the ad check out the Bridge Project.

Has President Obama Earned Your Vote?