My Prediction For The 2nd Presidential Debate

clipart of Doug's Debate Predictor Hat

On Tuesday, October 16th, President Obama and Mitt Romney will have their 2nd of three debates at Hofstra University. It will be a town hall style debate, with questions asked by undecided** voters, which means there won’t be any podiums and the candidates will get to walk around. I’m sure you’re like me and you have other things to do and don’t want to watch the full debate, I’m going to put on my pointy election debate cap and make a prediction on the winner.

Basically the Romney campaign needs the debate to be a win or at least a draw.

If the style of the debate looks like the first (Romney talks over the moderator and tells lies) then FOX “news” and Limbaugh etc. will call it a Romney win.

ANYTHING else and those same people will call it a draw. (but I also think no matter the result the FOX “news” people will declare Romney the winner – that’s what they do).

That’s what they need – a win or a draw but what actually happens during the debate will not matter because the GOP will spin it either as a win or draw.

The corporate media wants a horse race so they want an Obama win. It will either spin it as an Obama win or a draw.

Again it won’t matter what information is actually debated during the debate only the theatrics of it that will be analyzed.

The debates crack me up because no real issues are debated and the candidates aren’t put on the hot seat to defend their policies.

My Debate Predictor Hat has spoken.

**Note* I’m sorry but I don’t believe there are really any undecided voters at this point in the election season.