My Vote Is Open For The Highest Bid

created image showing a ballot with words For Sale on it

We all know that the US Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case that for the purpose of elections, corporations are people. That means laws that try to limit the amount of money a corporation spends to influence elections are unconstitutional. This has led to billions of dollars flooding into local, state, and national elections. With that in mind I want my share. Early voting has begun in my state and so my vote is for sale. I want a slice of the loot.

And American Crossroads and the affiliated Crossroads GPS, the groups that Rove and Ed Gillespie helped conceive and raise cash for, are expected to ante up $300 million, giving the two-year-old organization one of the election’s loudest voices.

“The intensity on the right is white-hot,” said Steven Law, president of American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS. “We just can’t leave anything in the locker room. And there is a greater willingness to cooperate and share information among outside groups on the center-right.”

In targeted states, the groups’ activities will include TV, radio and digital advertising; voter-turnout work; mail and phone appeals; and absentee- and early-ballot drives.

The $1 billion in outside money is in addition to the traditional party apparatus – the Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee – which together intend to raise at least $800 million.

The Republican financial plans are unlike anything seen before in American politics. If the GOP groups hit their targets, they likely could outspend their liberal adversaries by at least two-to-one, according to officials involved in the budgeting for outside groups on the right and left.

GOP groups plan record $1 billion blitz

Based on the estimated number who voted in 2010 (90 million people) that works out to a little over $11 per vote. Since I live in a swing state I think my vote should be worth more to the GOP or the Democrats.

Make your best offer and my vote will be yours.

created image showing bags of money equalling a vote symbol

Does my post make you mad? Do you hate the fact that I was asking for cash for my vote? Now you know how I feel about people and groups trying to buy the election through the check books of some multi-billionaires with nothing better to do except to buy politicians like they buy houses or art.

Flooding the airwaves with massive ad buys still doesn’t make their political point of view true. Smothering out opposing views doesn’t make it true either.

Buying elections doesn’t help the country. Buying elections only helps the people paying the money. That’s the point.

In case you were wondering if my offer of my vote for cash was the truth, it wasn’t. I voted early before I started this post. But if you still want to send me cash I might keep you in mind for the next national election in 2014.