Koch Brothers ‘Obamacare’ Ad Is Full Of False Information

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screencap from Koch Ad
Not even sure this actress’ name is really Julie

The Koch Brothers astroturf group, Americans for Prosperity, has released an ad against the Affordable Care Act (aka ‘Obamacare’) that uses false information. Unlike the information given in the ad, under the ACA, you will be able to choose your own doctor and a majority of people will not being paying higher premiums. Not to mention that it is ironic the ad complains about ‘the folks in Washington’ getting involved in one’s health care yet insurance companies insert themselves in your health care all the time. If you see this ad, remember it is false and paid for by people who have no need for a social safety net.

I saw the ad on a local TV station the other day.

JULIE: If we can’t pick our own doctor, how do I know our family is going to get the care they need? And what am I getting in exchange for higher premiums and a smaller paycheck? Can I really try the folks in Washington with my family’s health care? I think we all deserve some answers.

Nothing in the law prevents patients from choosing their own doctors — uninsured patients who seek coverage through the exchanges will have access to the doctors who accept the private insurers that participate in the new marketplaces and individuals and families with employer-based coverage probably won’t see any changes at all.

The Congressional Budget Office also estimates that 19 million people — the majority of enrollees — will eventually receive subsidies to purchase comprehensive health care coverage from the exchanges, casting doubt on Julie’s claim that she will be paying “higher premiums.”

Koch Brothers To Pour Millions Into Obamacare Misinformation Campaign

The motivation behind the ad is to leave those who need it without affordable health care and the Koch Brothers want to spend millions to do it.

Yes, that makes sense.

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