Why Humanists Should Form Communities Not Churches

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Last week, I complained about why I have issues when Humanists use religious words for non-religious activities – like forming ‘congregation’ or meeting in a ‘church’. I spent time ranting about it but I didn’t really expand on why ‘community’ is a better label and why using warmed over religious terms is not productive for Humanists. I wrote an essay over at my iHumanism blog where I talk about that aspect of the issue.

I’ve always thought one of the best parts of Humanism, and the reason I am a Humanist rather than just an atheist, is because of the community. A community can meet anywhere, at anytime, for any reason. I have as much fun meeting new people at our local Humanist group’s booth at Columbus’ Comfest each year as I do meeting once a month in a room to hear a lecture. Having services on a Sunday unnecessarily limits what you can do as a group. If you are looking to grow you need to go where the people are and you can’t do that holed up in a building on a Sunday. 

For Humanists, It Should Be About Community

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