As Much As I HATED Bush In His 8 Years, I NEVER Considered Sedition

As we start the third week of Republican extortion about the Affordable Care Act and the false idea that our government needs more austerity, I created an image as reminder to what they are really doing.

created image of Bush with text

As Much As I HATED Bush
I NEVER Considered Sedition
Unlike What The Current GOP Is Doing To Obama

Go ahead and check any of my previous posts about President Bush. You won’t find any of my words saying we need to shutdown the government unless the President changed his mind about something. I’ve always supported using the ballot box to change the government, not hostage taking or extortion like the Republicans are doing down.

Preventing the government from operating in order to prevent a law from taking affect, which is what the GOP did at the beginning of October, is as much sedition as if they held rallies to encourage people to not follow the law. The constant GOP filibusters in the Senate is sedition in my book too.