You Can’t Complain About Syrian Refugees AND Complain About Trump’s Plan To Ban Muslims Entering The US

Donald Trump Hitler Salute

Donald Trump continued his Internet comment section campaign for the Presidency by offering an idea to ban Muslims from entering the US. While a majority of normal Americans and most of the other GOP presidential candidates rejected his idea, it seems some of them forgot that not even a month ago they advocated keeping out refugees from Syria due to unfounded worries that Syrian immigrants were terrorists. We know that logic fails the GOP more times than not, but you can’t complain about Syrian refugees AND complain about Trump’s plan to ban Muslims.

Today, Donald Trump advocated a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” The proposal has its roots in the radical fringe of anti-Muslim activists in America. Trump’s campaign made clear it would apply to tourists, refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants — and even Muslim-Americans who are currently abroad.

Several of his competitors for the Republican nomination quickly condemned Trump’s proposal. Even Jeb Bush, who advocated a religious test to ban Syrian refugees who are Muslim, blasted the proposal.

But other candidates reactions were much more muted.

These GOP Presidential Candidates Won’t Condemn Trump’s Plan To Ban Muslims From Entering The U.S.

You can’t complain about Syrian refugees AND complain about Trump’s plan to ban Muslims because both ideas are cut from the same cloth. Both go against the values Americans supposedly hold.

Trump’s religious bigotry plays right into the hands of terror groups like Daesh.

Trump’s racist Grumpy Grandpa act is getting old real fast but what is amazing is to watch the other equally crazy GOP candidates trying to out-Trump Trump and at the same time look more moderate.