If You Think President Obama Failed To Unify The Country Then Blame The GOP

image of President Obama speaking
President Obama

President Barack Obama has started his legacy tour as his final year in office starts. He is giving interviews that review all that he has accomplished in his time in office. During these interviews, the beltway media keep asking him why he didn’t unite the country like he promised as if he is the only one at fault. The problem of polarization lies completely at the feet of the GOP and their media lackeys.

Here is part of an interview that the President gave to the CBS Sunday Morning show on January 24th:

And what stands out even to his supporters has been his inability to be the unifying force that he had promised.

“The one thing that gnaws on me is the degree of continued polarization,” he said. “It’s gotten worse over the last several years. And I think that in those early months my expectation was that we could pull the parties together a little more effectively.”

“Do you wish, in hindsight, that maybe campaigning on that notion of changing the tone in Washington, do you wish you hadn’t campaigned as hard on that promise?”

“Well, here’s the thing: That’s what the American people believe. And that’s what I still believe.”

His final State of the Union seemed an effort to remind America that despite the exasperating negativity, the last seven years have not been as dismal, or dysfunctional, or as racially-divided as his critics maintain. 

Obama looks back upon his presidency, and beyond

I would get mad at the President when he would cave to the Republicans or dilute some policy to appease turds like former House Speaker John Boehner and current Speaker Paul Ryan. He would give in and get NOTHING from the Republicans.

Politics is a series of compromises in order to do the best for all and President Obama got NO help from the GOP.

Compromise is a two way street so it isn’t the President’s fault the Republicans acted like spoiled brats and took their ball and went home. The President tried and pissed off supporters like me and he still got NOTHING in return. Obviously the President did the best he could because he was re-elected in 2012.

So when I hear the current crop of GOP candidates complain how this country sucks, how it needs to be “great again”, talking about doom and gloom, and try to blame the President, I just want to punch them in the dick as hard as I can.

I don’t want to even hear their mindless talking points on the fluffy talk shows like Fallon and Colbert. Those GOPers are dead to me.

The President shows how much more class he has then people like Donald Trump by accepting some of the blame for the polarization even though he was the only one who compromised on a range of issues and policies.

Meanwhile the GOP lies about the President and about what is going on in this country today.

There is no reason to vote for the GOP because they don’t want to help the country.