Sorry Not Sorry Famous Men Got Fired For Being A-holes Toward Women

Collage of men accused of harassment with words Sorry Not Sorry on it

The most recent famous men caught up in the acrimony over the long history of sexual assaults and harassment against women include Garrison Keillor and Matt Lauer. Like previous men called out, they lost their jobs. That’s how it should be. For those complaining about due process and false accusations, there has been many YEARS of talking about this and telling men to stop being assholes, so I have NO sympathy for men called out today. Why can’t they keep their hands to themselves?

Don’t get me wrong, I was shocked with some of them – like Charlie Rose, but by and large these men had a reputation behind the scenes that was covered up because they were powerful and/or had the money to pay off accusers.

This is not a new thing that just started happening. Some of these men have been assholes for decades. They knew the rules since sexual harassment has been discussed for decades. Claiming ignorance of the social rules is not an excuse.

These men were fired by their employers. People who work for private employers don’t have due process rights in the first place but I’ve noticed every single action so far has been taken after an internal review or after multiple accusations. 

One could try to make an argument if it was one woman making a single claim against a man but these cases had multiple women coming forward. Women are treated badly by the public for coming forward (that’s how messed up our society is) so why on Earth would a woman go through a public shaming only for money? Think about it.

Don’t fret kids. These rich and famous men will be okay. Unless they blew all their cash they can afford to be out of work for a couple of years. I wish there was more punishment than humiliation to make up for the shit they did to women over the years.

I would like to see these accusations stop because men finally get the message to stop being assholes. Most of us live our lives without even once getting into a situation where a woman would accuse us of anything so it can be done.