Ohio Democrats Need To Start Over

logo of Ohio Democratic Party

All of the state office jobs were open in this election on November 6th. Some Republicans currently in office were changing offices and the Democrats seemed to work hard in their campaigns. But in the end the GOP retained all the top offices in Ohio. If you can’t even win one state office with such a toxic person like Trump as President and a GOP who are just lap dogs to the guy not to mention corrupt in the Ohio Statehouse, then Democrats need to nuke their place and start over from scratch.

“Tuesday was, all around, a night for celebration for Republicans in Ohio, who retained most statewide and Congressional seats, keeping the Ohio Statehouse and the Governor’s Mansion in Republican hands.

With the exception of two rare Democratic wins for what is currently an all-Republican Ohio Supreme Court, Democrats lost all other statewide executive offices. Mike DeWine, the current Attorney General, defeated Democrat Richard Cordray for governor with 51.1 percent of the vote. Secretary of State Jon Husted becomes Lieutenant Governor.

Mr. DeWine previously served as U.S. senator, congressman, lieutenant governor, and state senator.

Mr. Cordray, 59, narrowly lost the attorney general’s office to Mr. DeWine eight years ago. Most recently he was former President Obama’s director of the federal Consumer Financial Protection, an agency created in the wake of the Wall Street crisis.

Beyond the retention of power, Tuesday’s election also means Republicans hold sway on the Ohio Redistricting Commission, which will redraw state legislative districts and possibly congressional ones in 2021.

By capturing governor, auditor, and secretary of state, Republicans will again control the remap pen on the seven-member commission given that the four legislative members will be evenly split between the two parties.”

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On a night when the Democrats took over the US House of Representatives, how did Ohio Democrats do so badly?

The party leadership is one problem. They like to decide who is going to run instead of letting voters in a primary decide.

The candidates weren’t terrible but there was an African-American, Rob Richardson, from Cincinnati who was running for Treasurer against a small city Ohio Representative, Robert Sprague from Findlay and Richardson lost! I don’t think I saw any Richardson ads on my local stations.

And yes it was great the Dems got two judges on the Supreme Court but again if the Democrats in general did so well why did the party in Ohio blow it?

Inquiring minds want to know.