Pro-Truth Pledge Panders To Conservatives

Logo for the ProTruth Pledge

A few years back, I took the Pro-Truth Pledge (PTP). It is a group founded by a friend of mine to try and promote truth and facts in our civil discourse – including politics. It’s suppose to be non-partisan but it seems that truth and facts have a liberal bias if the content of a recent email I got is any indication.

Calling all of the conservative signers in America!

Often, the media stereotype conservatives as lacking in integrity and being unconcerned about facts.

They’re flat-out wrong.

Conservatives have a great deal of integrity. It’s time to prove it. It’s time for your fellow conservatives to take the Pro-Truth Pledge and become active in dispelling this public falsehood or myth.

ProTruth Newsletter April 2019 – Edition 19


First of all, there are some conservatives – including the current occupant of the White House – who have serious issues with the truth and using facts.

There are some conservatives who have integrity but complaining about being called out for lies and not using facts and calling a stereotype doesn’t make it so. Do a Google search on “conservative lies” and you can find a large list.

Yes, someone will comment you can do that for liberals and yes there will be some but not as large as conservatives.

Conservatives started the birther movement, the conspiracy about a pedophile ring at a pizza restaurant, and claiming Trump won a mandate in 2016. Just to name a few.

Liberal lies are but a tick on a dog compared to the current large conservative dung pile.

The email was PTP pandering to conservatives. 

It’s telling that it has to pander since the truth is hard to find on the right. PTP is buying into the false idea that the Mainstream media is against conservatives in order to convert new people to PTP.

But if you have the idea the media is out to get you then you have violated the pledge.

This isn’t the first time I’ve come across this pandering to conservatives. I was part of a Facebook group called “Intentional Insights Insiders”. Intentional Insights is the parent group to PTP.

The Facebook group is moderated by a so-called Libertarian who is politically biased toward anyone and anything he didn’t agree with – no matter what the truth or facts stated. He would shout people down and bully them. He would use the pledge as a cudgel on others but ignore it when he would violate the pledge.

I complained to Intentional Insights about the moderator and was told he was conservative and there wasn’t any other conservatives willing to moderate the group – a non-partisan group. Intentional Insights needed to have the appearance of balance – even at the expense of the pledge.

I still think the idea of the ProTruth Pledge is needed in our fractured democracy but the pandering has to stop.

If you have to ignore your principles to appear balanced then what’s the point?

If I was writing the email I got today this is how I would start it:

Calling all of the conservative signers in America!

Often we see in the media some conservatives lacking in integrity and being unconcerned about facts including many serving in our national government.

Conservatives can restore the loss of integrity. It’s time for your fellow conservatives to take the Pro-Truth Pledge and become active in dispelling falsehoods and myths in public discourse.

And you know what? You can replace the word “conservative” with any other political label and it would still be useful as promotion without pandering.

Come on ProTruth Pledge, please do better.