Site Update: New Recommended Links & Blogroll Page

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Just wanted to announce that I have moved the recommended website links and blogroll links previously listed on every page of the blog to its own new page. It can be accessed by the link in the menu bar at the top of the page labeled “Recommended Links“. I made this change because the large search service Google is frowning on websites that have blogrolls on every page. Blogrolls have been used by spammy sites to game the system. I also wanted to declutter my pages.

More Doug More Often

My attempt at a narcissistic cult continues with the addition of a tumblr page. It will be the place to find pictures, videos, quotes that I want to share but really don’t want to do a full blown blog post or to share wider than Facebook. See the link below:

I call it Doug’s Twigs and Berries for obvious reasons. 

Check it out….

Famous Findlayian page updated

Good news. I have updated my “Famous Findlayian” web page. I include more people of note with sections on Medal of Honor recipients and Congress critters.

New to the page includes Clyde “Diz” Kirkendall a softball pitcher, Bernie Little owner of the former Unlimited Hydroplane boat “Miss Budweiser”, and Marie Dressler who won a best actress Oscar in 1931.

I also updated some the pictures and information for people who were on the list already.

Famous Findlayians and others from Hancock County Ohio

Something new for this blog

I decided to take the plunge and experiment with a podcast. From time to time I plan on uploading an audio podcast that would be a compliment to my blog.

The second episode was posted today and if you are interested please give it a listen by following the link below. It is about 26 minutes in length.

Here is the blurb:

Talking about the dust up over remarks by Senator Harry Reid quoted in the book “Game Change” by Time magazine reporter Mark Halperin and New York magazine writer John Heileman. Also talking about Doug’s love of old TV show themes and YouTube to find them.

Doug’s Views Podcast Episode 2

Please feel free to leave a comment on this post or on the podcast page.