Why Do Progressives Make Life So Hard?

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The 2016 Presidential election is in the books and we will be getting a President progressives didn’t want, who will be working with a Congress controlled by people who don’t support progressive issues. For some reason the progressive groups I follow seem to have a new energy and a surge of donations to ‘fight the power’. I can’t help myself but wonder where was this energy before election day? Why do progressives seem to take the hard road? Do we like being a victim when we don’t need to be?

Life was looking up for progressives. Our issues were being addressed. We had the start of real health insurance reform, same-sex marriage was finally legalized, there was movement toward addressing climate change, church and state issues were going our way. We were on the cusp of electing the first woman president who likely would be friendly to our issues and continue the progress made under President Obama.

Now most of that progress is up in the air with it looking like we will be taking many many steps back. While Trump’s positions seem to be fluid, he has been looking at an administration that will be anti-everything progressives stand for starting with the enemy of LGBT people and the separation of church and state, Vice President-elect Mike Pence – not to mention the white nationalists being considered for cabinet positions.

This has been part of the progressive reaction:

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky (PPINK) said Tuesday that in the week since Election Day, the organization has received a whopping 1,400 donations — a total of $25,000 — “from” Vice President-elect Pence. The donations have actually been made by abortion-rights supporters in a collective effort to make a statement by deluging Pence’s office with thank you notes.

People have donated $25,000 to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name

Other groups I follow and the group I work with, the Secular Coalition for America, are also reporting a surge of donations. I can barely get anyone to help me here in Ohio on church and state issues but now with a Trump administration I expect to have people coming out of the woodwork disgusted with a GOP controlled Congress.

I observed this same kind of surge in interest in progressive issues when President George W. Bush was elected in 2000 and 2004.

I can’t help myself but ask where was this interest before the election and on election day. Many people who normally support progressive values either stayed home or refused to vote for Hillary Clinton. I’m sure some of them were sure to write that check to Planned Parenthood or the Secular Coalition after Trump won.

I just get a sense that some on the left like being a victim. When they have the chance to help themselves they either don’t or maybe they like it when they have to protest and scream because the government is oppressing them in some way.

If I have a choice, I don’t like to struggle. I don’t think it makes one stronger especially when one ignores or declines the opportunity to make change easier. I also hate having to re-fight for the same ground that had been won.

Why do progressives make their life so hard?