Dangerous Right Wing Douchebags

After hearing about another right winger loon killing people in the name of “Amerirka”, I decided to put together an all star list of right wing pundits who don’t care what they say, don’t take responsibility for their words, and just hate America and what it stands for. Feel free to print out my poster and post around your community to warn them of these chowder heads because they help victimize everyone.

I really wish these people would be victims of the economic melt down.

Republican Treason?

How come when people on the left side of the aisle even questioned Bush policies the Republicans and their pundit class complained it was treason – with full coverage from the media, yet when certain Republicans and their pundit class are calling for the overthrow of the government – the media class is very silent?

Who is really treasonous?

No, I don’t listen to Glenn Beck

I discovered that this site was mentioned on the listener forum for conservative radio host Glenn Beck. So I checked it out.

To answer some of the questions posed by the readers there:

1. No, I don’t listen to Glenn Beck. I like thinking for myself and I don’t need to hear people parrot my views back to me. In fact I don’t listen to talk radio in general. I find 99% of it unbalanced in views and topics presented. I did once use to watch Rush Limbaugh on TV during his brief stint on TV (before the drugs). But mostly such people just make me angry and there is more to life than being angry all the time. Since I know shows like Beck’s will make me angry – and I will never be able to respond – I choose to not listen to them. Mainstream media does a great job of reporting what those hosts say so I know when Glenn is mad and what he is mad about – at least I don’t have to hear him talk about it.

2. I am not a “flaming” liberal. I do move left on social issues – like privacy and church and State separation – but you’d be surprised that I support capitalism as it is intended. I don’t support what passes for business ethics today but I want to see people be able to make money off their own labor – both business owners and workers. I also supported the Welfare Reform Act in 1996 even though it didn’t provide job training. A change was needed and that might shock some since a couple of times growing up our family was on welfare.

3. I didn’t finish college. That is true. I also think I am intelligent. Having a college degree doesn’t make one intelligent. I also have common sense and I use Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detector quite often. I left Ohio State with Senior status and 54 credits short of degree. I left for a couple of reasons – Ronald Reagan’s need to force me to take out massive student loans instead of increasing Pell Grants. I was also just tired and bored having entered college right from high school.

4. As for being an ass or looking down on those who don’t vote “liberal”, how one votes is up to them. What bothers me is some ignore the facts and only vote for superficial reasons like knowing the name of the person or just because they are from one particular party. Uninformed voters bother me. I am sorry if some think I come off as an ass. I have things to say and I want to be as truthful as possible – sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth. That isn’t my problem.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask and thanks for visiting.