You Don’t Want Governor Kaisch Doing To The US What He Did To Ohio

photo of Governor Kaisch yelling as usual

Ohio Governor John Kaisch announced he was running for president this week. He likes to claim his policies brought Ohio back from the brink after the recession that started in 2008. The facts say different but he is the perfect GOP candidate because his policies in Ohio have attacked things Republicans like to attack – poor people, women, LBGTQs, schools, unions, and the environment. So, no, you don’t want Governor Kaisch doing to the US what he did to Ohio.

One irrational Kaischism is to talk about cutting taxes and how great Ohio is now because of low taxes. What he fails to say is yes state taxes were cut from local government funds and public schools forcing local governments to ask for higher taxes to pay for police, fire, and the schools. Kasich likes to pass the buck.

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SHUTDOWN! Another GOP Theater Production

image of Speaker Boehner giving thumbs up
Speaker Boehner thumbs up the shutdown his party caused

At Midnight on October 1st, the federal government began to shut down because the Republicans in Congress decided to do it to appease their Tea Party radicals. It’s all big theater and spitting in the eye of the Constitution. They claim it is to stop the Affordable Care Act but is really just a continuation of their plan to gut anything in the government that doesn’t benefit their corporate owners. These are the same guys that got the sequester passed and like common extortionists they are back for more.

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Republicans Prove Again They Are Hypocrites, Hate The Poor, And Are Terrible Christians

a pile of old food stamp coupons

The GOP can now cross “punch a poor person” off their bucket list of asshatery when the US House passed a massive cut in food stamps on Thursday. Most used the false excuse of abuse of the system to justify taking food away from 4 million people. Some of them, claiming to be Christians, used Bible quotes as their justification. These are the same guys who never had to worry where their next meal was coming from. The GOP are so gung-ho about fraud when they can smear poor people but when their corporate buddies are robbing people blindly, the Republicans are NOWHERE to be found.

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Could You Eat On $4.50 A Day? Republicans Think Even That Is Too Much

image from a Bread line in the 1930's
Republicans think they can get elected in 2014 if we have more of these soup lines

The Congress is considering a Farm Bill right now that could cut $20 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which is also known as Food Stamps. It is part of the social safety net where the government provides some help for people to buy food when they are poor or have low income. The reason for the cuts is the same tired false assumptions Republicans make about poor people. Many in the GOP claim that Food Stamps make people dependent on the government, the program is being abused, or worse that charity will cover the need. Like all GOP claims, their attack on food assistance is full of crap.

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