Failure Of Green Energy Companies Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Need Green Energy

image of President Obama visits a wind turbine factory
President Obama visits a wind turbine factory

A couple of my conservative friends post on Facebook with glee every time a green energy company that received government loans fails or if the Chevy Volt has problems. They are against spending any tax payer money on research or production of technology that will free us from a dying petroleum based energy system. They are missing the point. The failure of specific companies doesn’t mean the technology is faulty. Government support for innovation of technology is actually a common practice and is one reason we enjoy some of the things we have in our lives like computers. It would also strengthen our country against the evildoers.

One of my conservative friends posted me a link to this article:

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No $4,000 Tax Increase From Obama – Romney Lies In His Ads Too

screencap from Romney ad showing lie about American Enterprise Institute
American Enterprise Institute non-partisan? HA!

It’s common knowledge that Mitt Romney massively lied during the first Presidential debate on October 3rd. Now it seems he’s blatantly lying in his campaign advertisements. One in particular, running in my neck of the woods, claims a source for some tax data is non-partisan when in reality the American Enterprise Institute is far from non-partisan.

Here is the ad:

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Romney Won The Debate For The Best Liar Of The 2012 Election

screencap of Mitt Romney lying during debate
Mitt Romney lying during debate

As if it wasn’t understood before Wednesday night, in Denver, Mitt Romney will lie in order to get elected. His talking points in the debate contained as many lies as Paul Ryan’s RNC speech in August. I don’t know about you but I want a President who won’t lie on a whim. Mitt Romney just isn’t electable.

Here is a brief summary of some of the whoppers Mr. Romney let fly at the debate:

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Republican Convention Theme: We Lie!

image of bad headline in USA Today
*Ouch* Romney/Ryan We Deserve Better

The Republican National Convention was held this week and although I didn’t watch it live, I did read the speeches and reactions to them and one thing jumped out at me. Republicans were serial liars. These weren’t just political misstatements or hyperbole but out right LIES. What does it say about our political system when people don’t seem to be concerned that serial liars want to be in charge of our government?

Paul Ryan told some whoppers:

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Blame Obama?

clipart of GOP: Party of NO!

The go to talking point on the campaign trail for Republicans is to blame President Obama for the state of the economy as if the President is the only person who had a chance to deal with the broken economy he got when he took office in 2009. What Republicans don’t do is point out their party was the party of NO! blocking many of the President’s initiatives to better the economy. If the economy is not doing as well as it should be, the fault rests with the Republicans in Congress.

Here is what was seen in a recent Romney Super PAC ad:

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