Misinformation Is Rampant In Anti-Union Camp

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One of my hobbies is political debate. I would rather debate in person and I often do but I also like using ‘Letters to the Editor’ in local newspapers. Every so often I will read a letter that frankly pisses me off and I have to respond. One such letter in the Findlay Ohio Courier showed some anti-union views are based on misinformation.

The letter in question was written by a friend of mine who happens to hold a lot of cheap labor conservative views even though he is a blue collar worker. Here is the text of the letter that was published on 11/28/2011:

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One Day Until Ohio Votes No On Issue 2

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Tuesday is election day. Ohioans will be going to the polls to hopefully overturn Senate Bill 5, the massive over reach by cheap labor conservatives to punch unions and public employees as the GOP tries to further enrich their wealthy check signers. Here are a few last minute notes to support voting NO on Issue 2.

Governor Kasich and his party have absolutely no respect for the public employees who work hard serving the state and local areas.

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Grannygate spews onto Kasich and ‘Building a Better Ohio’

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Building a Better Ohio, the pro Issue 2 (pro-sb5) group, released a new ad this week that shamelessly cut and pasted part of an anti-sb5 ad and it looked like the grandma in the ad supported Issue 2 even though she is actually against Issue 2. Even after 30 TV stations pulled the misleading ad, Governor Kasich and ‘Building a Better Ohio’ won’t repudiate it.

Normally campaigns will do response ads that include a sound-bite from the other side but it is obvious that it is from the opponent’s ad. ‘Better Ohio’ didn’t do that.

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Kasich And GOP Wants “Reasonable” When It Comes To Public Workers Not Legislators

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Starting with the false notion that breaking public worker unions will help the state recover from the 2008 economic melt down, Ohio Governor John Kasich and the Ohio cheap labor conservative Republicans are supporting state Issue 2 (aka Senate Bill 5) by focusing on being “reasonable” and getting public workers to pay into their pension and health care plans. Of course Kasich and his Koch brother funders hope you will ignore the real damage Issue 2 will do to public employees and the fact that Kasich and the GOP leadership at the state house are making money hands over fist.

In a recent ad, Gov. Kasich talked about being reasonable:

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