Grannygate spews onto Kasich and ‘Building a Better Ohio’

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Image of a No on Issue 2 logoBuilding a Better Ohio, the pro Issue 2 (pro-sb5) group, released a new ad this week that shamelessly cut and pasted part of an anti-sb5 ad and it looked like the grandma in the ad supported Issue 2 even though she is actually against Issue 2. Even after 30 TV stations pulled the misleading ad, Governor Kasich and ‘Building a Better Ohio’ won’t repudiate it.

Normally campaigns will do response ads that include a sound-bite from the other side but it is obvious that it is from the opponent’s ad. ‘Better Ohio’ didn’t do that.

Here is a video from “We Are Ohio” showing where “Better Ohio” copy and pasted:

Building A Better Ohio Steals and then Misrepresents Victim’s Words

As Modern Esquire at Plunderbund wrote:

Imagine if Obama had made an ad that suggested that Joe the Plumber had endorsed him?

Governor Kasich said about Grannygate:

Gov. John Kasich, the main pitchman for Building a Better Ohio, said this morning that he doesn’t “run the campaign,” but “what they’re doing is fine.”

Recut television ad makes SB 5 opponent look like a supporter

Problem is ‘Building a Better Ohio’ includes Kasich’s chief of staff who is on loan. You really think he doesn’t have some communication with the group… none at all?

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