Why Republicans Love State’s Rights

image of the top of the Bill of Rights document

A major Republican talking point I hear quite often is to let state’s decide some policy issues – like same-sex marriage or voting rights. The implication is clear. Republicans want states to deal with those policy issues because Republicans control more state legislatures than Democrats. It is the GOP way of subverting the Federal government when they don’t control it.

Read this post on ThinkProgress today:

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Governor Kaisch Lies About Opposing Discrimination

image of Ohio Governor John Kaisch
Ohio Governor Kaisch unhinged as usual

I just love the word gymnastics a politician attempts in order to hold one narrow position and totally ignore the larger implications of that position. Ohio Governor John Kasich said in a recent interview he opposes same sex marriage but claimed to support civil unions until it was pointed out that was an alternative to same sex marriage. He says he opposes discrimination but based on his walk back on civil unions he is a liar.

It all started as it usually does with Kasich speaking without thinking about what he’s saying:

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Did NY same sex marriage proponents give away the farm with religious exemptions?

The good news is that the New York state legislature finally approved a law that will allow same sex marriage. The bad news is that in order for this great thing to happen, changes in the law will allow religious sects AND the non-church businesses they operate to discriminate against gays without any legal repercussions. In the zeal to get these new rights for the LGBT community, did proponents give away the farm?

From the NY Times:

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